oh sh-t

Explosive Diarrhea Flushes Ultimate SlipN Slides’s Post-Olympics Debut Down the Toilet

Photo: Photo by James Keith/Getty Images

Things are just getting worse for Ultimate Slip N Slide. Originally set to premiere on Sunday, August 8, in the coveted post-Olympics premiere slot, according to The Wrap, NBC has opted to pull the show from the schedule entirely after more than half the crew contracted a giardia infection causing … yup, explosive diarrhea. How can one even think of the show now without that description burned into our minds? Yet, NBC persists. The Wrap also reports that, while the Slip ’N Slide reality show is currently in limbo, the studio is actively looking for solutions for a new premiere date and the possibility of shooting additional seasons, despite the fact that “additional testing revealed giardia in the surrounding area,” of the show’s $6 million set. Well, shit.

Sources also told The Wrap that “Universal Television Alternative Studio will present two possible models for finishing the season to NBC next week.” The series only needed five more days until it completed production on its first season before the incident. So, for now, no post-Olympics Slip ’N Slide for you. Maybe we’ll get Ultimate Slip N Slide by the next Olympics … or you know, not.

Ultimate Slip ’N Slides’s Post-Olympics Debut in the Toilet