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BTS Stuffed Figurines of Themselves Into V’s Pants on The Tonight Show

The members of BTS were all too game for one of Jimmy Fallon’s kooky parlor activities last night on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Beaming in from a blank white studio somewhere, the boys were enlisted into a round of “Will It Fit?”, in which Fallon gave each member of the K-pop group a singular vessel and multiple objects to squeeze into it. The segment played like a rejected challenge from one of those Nickelodeon game shows from the ’90s where Marc Summers hosted and everyone got slimed, only the contestants were all some of the world’s most famous musicians.

Jimin was up first with, “Will 33 sticks of butter fit in a fishbowl?” He succeeded by donning a black glove and basically fisting it in. J-Hope, who was a real cheerleader throughout the whole thing, then fit “91 ping pong balls in a Christmas stocking.” There were bananas in fanny packs, candles on a cupcake, and Jungkook earning a new nickname (“Jungscoop!”) for an ice cream taco challenge. The weirdest part of the whole thing wasn’t even the ending, when Fallon climbs into a washing machine full of nacho cheese. It was the challenge where the boys stuffed 35 miniature likenesses of themselves down V’s pants. That’s some DeviantArt energy.

BTS Stuffed Figurines of Themselves Into V’s Pants on Fallon