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Here’s Your First Look at the Star Wars: Visions Anime Anthology Series

New Star Wars thing alert! For the very wide swath of people who are into both anime and Star Wars, LucasFilm has released a “special look” at its upcoming anthology series, Star Wars: Visions. The extended trailer, which features production stills and behind-the-scenes interviews with animators, premiered yesterday at Anime Expo Lite and showed off the wide variety of stories and styles that will make up the new anthology. Star Wars: Visions consists of nine new stories set in the Star Wars universe, rendered by seven different Japanese animation studios. The trailer gives a sneak peek into a “rock opera–style film” called Tatooine Rhapsody, an Astro Boy–inspired robo-romp called T0-B1, and some sort of space-furry adventure called Lop & Ocho, among others. It’s exciting to see Disney cede so much creative control to these different studios. Star Wars: Visions will stream on Disney+ September 22.

Here’s Your First Look at the New Star Wars Anime Anthology