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Go on a NYC Dream Date With Lorde As She Answers 73 Questions

Picture it: You’re strolling through the New York Botanical Garden on a warm, breezy July day. Flowers are in bloom, the sun streams through the emerald canopy, but the only thing you’re looking at is pop sensation Lorde, guiding you along the stone paths and talking about … Jack Antonoff. Sorry, it’s not a fanfiction or your wildest dreams. It’s Lorde’s 73 Questions With Vogue. Walking around the Bronx instead of letting any of us near her home (smart girl), Lorde answers q’s about her new album Solar Power, who she wants to collaborate with (Harry Styles, call her!), and the weirdest thing Antonoff has told her. “Don’t let me ruin your life more than I already have,” she laughed it off. “He’s a nut.” Lorde gives fans one other gift before ending her long-awaited 73 Questions — besides name-dropping Taylor Swift, that is. She turned the camera guy around and revealed what the celebrity sees as he stalks them. Like most of the answers on this series, it will not surprise you.

Go on a Dream Date With Lorde As She Answers 73 Questions