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Normani and Cardi B Are Naked and Unafraid in the ‘Wild Side’ Video

Normani is back and she brought double the body-ody-ody. Almost two years since she gave us “Motivation” — and just as motivation to keep clinging for hope of her debut solo album was waning — the Fifth Harmony breakout star has reunited with “WAP” star Cardi B for her big comeback. The duo’s latest music video together sets Normani up in an array of gorgeous backdrops, wearing less and less as she does what she does best: perform. The percussion-heavy, Aaliyah-indebted R&B track allows Normani to go from smooth, sexy vocals in the hook (“This type shit have you wylin’ / Last-minute trips to the Highlands”) to 2000s-era wordplay in the verse (“Pull up inside me, baby / Fuck-a-nigga-up like oopsie-daisy,”). The “Wild Side” video showcases all her skills as a dancer and she didn’t even have to hit the splits in the rain. Cardi B shows up with a clothing budget of zero dollars, hair covering any glimpse of a baby bump. But, frankly, it’d be disrespectful not to marvel at her butt. “You gotta see this shit in person, believe me,” she raps. For now, we’ll settle with through a screen.

Normani, Cardi B Are Naked and Unafraid in ‘Wild Side’ Video