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Don’t Worry, Outer Banks 2 Won’t Make Any More Sense Than Before

The trailer for Outer Banks 2 starts out with this tidbit of wisdom: “My old man used to tell me, ‘It’s best to never say you’ve hit rock bottom. Trust me,’ he said, ‘you can always go lower.’” By saying the show can go lower, Netflix is telling us to set our expectations sky-high. Season one of Outer Banks ended with some open-water kissing and a guy you might have remembered from Whose Line Is It Anyway? being God’s perfect soap-opera villain. This season, the nuttiness goes international. John B. and Sarah are on the run in the Bahamas, the other Pogues are still trying to get that treasure (or a second, more National Treasure–style treasure?), and the rich-kid dicks keep being rich-kid dicks. If you need a soapy summer show, Outer Banks 2 drops on Netflix July 30.

Watch the Outer Banks 2 Trailer: Crazy, Sexy, Gold