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Watch a Parade of Val Kilmers (and One Mark Twain) in the Val Trailer

Val, the new documentary on Val Kilmer by Val Kilmer, premiered at Cannes today. Kilmer has been filming himself since his childhood, going all the way through his throat cancer diagnosis and treatment. Kilmer collaborated with Leo Scott and Ting Po to comb through the thousands of hours of footage. “Leo Scott came to the States about a decade back and has been essential in documenting my exploration of Mark Twain as the narrator of what it means to be a real American,” Kilmer told Vulture. “Leo is a truly gifted editor and our sensibilities spoke to each other.” The film is narrated by Kilmer’s son Jack, doing a good version of his dad in his Doors years. We’ll see Kilmer shoot his downtime while making films like Top Gun, Batman, and The Island of Dr. Moreau with his hero Marlon Brando. Val comes to theaters July 23.

Watch Val Kilmer Through the Ages in ‘Val’ Trailer