love is an open doooooor

Alfred Molina Crying Has Us Crying As He Marries Frozen Director Jennifer Lee

Now THIS is news worth melting for. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Shutterstock

They say love is an open door and the door is truly wide open between Alfred Molina and Jennifer Lee, director of Disney smash-hits Frozen and Frozen 2. Lee tweeted photos from the intimate wedding with the caption, “We did. We do.” And reader, we cried. Not only do we have Jennifer Lee in a beautiful jeweled, teacup length wedding gown, but we get a look at Molina literally crying at, presumably, the sight of her. Also, as the two are at the altar, Molina cups her face. More tears. And to top it all off, Jonathan Groff, overall nice guy (a.k.a. animated ice hunk Kristoff), seems to have officiated their wedding.

Molina and Lee have been privately dating since at least 2018, but Lee spoke of their relationship to the New York Times in 2019 saying, “I just feel very lucky because I’m, you know, 48 years old, and I’m very happy in my family life, and he’s very caring and very good to my daughter. And so I feel lucky.” Hearts officially melted.

Update August 9, 7:00 p.m.: Looks like Groff not only officiated Molina and Lee’s wedding, but also introduced the two. “This beautiful, generous soul is the reason Fred and I met,” Lee wrote on Instagram. “We owe him the world.” Consider our hearts melted once again!

Alfred Molina Marries Frozen Director Jennifer Lee