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Camila Cabello’s Prince Charming Isn’t Shawn Mendes in the Cinderella Trailer

The business bitch comes for the princess in the official trailer for Camila Cabello’s Cinderella, with the classic Disney tale getting a somewhat more modern rendering: Our gal wants to be a self-proclaimed “businesswoman” who wears suits and designs clothes in her magical world, even if it means jeopardizing her future with an eligible prince (Nicholas Galitzine) and making her stepmother (Idina Menzel) despise her even more. James Corden, who hasn’t said no to a film role since the Bush administration, shows up as a mouse; Billy Porter also appears as Cinderella’s fabulous fairy godmother. “I don’t want a life stuck waving from a royal box,” Cabello says in the trailer, “any more than a life confined to a basement.” That’s reasonable, but at least one of those includes free hors d’oeuvres. Cinderella will debut on Amazon Prime on September 3.

Cinderella Trailer: Camila’s Prince Charming Isn’t Shawn