Celebs, Fellow Workers Mourn Ed Asner

Photo: Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images

Ed Asner died Sunday morning at the age of 91. He left behind indelible work on shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, its spinoff Lou Grant (which Asner suspected got canceled because he called out America’s support of the junta in El Salvador), and voice-over work in The Boondocks, Freakazoid, and Up. Asner was mourned not just by those in the film and TV industry, but by the United Farm Workers, and those that saw him regularly at local antiwar protests in the 2000s. Here are some of the most charming stories about the actor, union organizer, and all-around cool dude Ed Asner.

Pulling a Knife on a Documentary Crew

There is no better way to introduce yourself in a doc than how Asner did it in I Know That Voice.

“Stay handy, kid.”

His Prodigious Member

“You look like a red.”

He “Whooped” Sean Astin’s Ass at Poker

Kickstarting Roger & Me

Celebs, Fellow Workers Mourn Ed Asner