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Ed Sheeran to Complete the Equation With New Album =

Photo: Simone Joyner/Getty Images

If you’ve been holding out for , it’s not your time. Ed Sheeran announced a new album called =, or “equals,” on Instagram Live, out October 29. The album seemingly completes the string of math-related titles he began ten years ago with + and followed with x and ÷, the last of which he released in 2017. “= (Equals) is a really personal record and one that means a lot to me,” Sheeran said in a statement. “My life changed greatly over the past few years — I got married, became a father, experienced loss, and I reflect on these topics over the course of the album. I see it as my coming-of-age record, and I can’t wait to share this next chapter with you.” The album is set to feature his recent electro-pop single “Bad Habits” along with 13 additional tracks. And another of those, “Visiting Hours,” is also out now with Sheeran’s announcement. The spare song, which Sheeran performs accompanied by a choir in a church in a new video, was inspired by the death of his friend Michael Gudinski; Sheeran debuted the song in March at a tribute concert for Gudinski.

= follows Sheeran’s 2019 album No. 6 Collaborations Project and finds him continuing to work with U.K. pop producer FRED, along with his x and ÷ collaborator Johnny McDaid. Two of the album’s songs, “First Times” and “The Joker and the Queen,” also feature strings arranged by Sheeran’s older brother Matthew, a composer. The album’s full track list is below.

1. Tides
2. Shivers
3. First Times
4. Bad Habits
5. Overpass Graffiti
6. The Joker And The Queen
7. Leave Your Life
8. Collide
9. 2step
10. Stop The Rain
11. Love In Slow Motion
12. Visiting Hours
13. Sandman
14. Be Right Now

Ed Sheeran to Complete the Equation With New Album =