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Eric Andre Helps the Bodega Boys Become Bodega Men on Desus & Mero

The Bodega Boys have reached that special time in their lives. On August 5’s Desus & Mero, the comedians took to the synagogue with the goal of having a bar mitzvah — and a little help from their self-described “bar mitzvah connect,” Eric Andre. “Let’s go to a world of anxiety and genital mutilation,” Andre said, welcoming the pair into a temple. They spoke to a rabbi, who mostly failed to answer questions about whether cocaine and weed was kosher (“If the rabbi blesses it, which she will,” Andre argued), and the Kid Mero donned a Yankees yarmulke in preparation for their big moment. “Go party, drink, rap along to a Sheck Wes tune, as men,” Andre declared, before throwing the Bodega Boys the Hennessy-fueled bar mitzvah they’d been dreaming of. Mazel tov!

Desus & Mero: Eric Andre Helps Bodega Boys Become Men