If Mike Schur Builds a Field of Dreams Series, They Will Come

Photo: Moviestore/Shutterstock

Mike Schur, the creator of such comedies as Parks & Recreation, The Good Place, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, really likes baseball. He likes baseball so much that he used to keep a blog about it under the nom de plume “Ken Tremendous.” He likes baseball so much that he co-founded a podcast about it. And now, Schur will write and executive produce a series spinning off one of the most popular baseball films of all time, Field of Dreams.

Today, Peacock announced that it has granted a straight-to-series order to a Field of Dreams series from Schur and Universal, which will “reimagine the mixture of family, baseball, Iowa and magic that makes the movie so enduring and beloved.” In a statement, NBCUniversal’s president of streaming and television said, “It’s whimsical and grounded, a space where Mike Schur excels, and we’re looking forward to bringing a new version of this classic to Peacock.” Schur has already worked with Peacock on Rutherford Falls.

This news comes days after the success of the MLB’s Field of Dreams game, which saw the Yankees and the White Sox play in the rural Iowa ballpark from the film. The nostalgic event became the most-watched regular season baseball game since 2005.

If Mike Schur Builds a Field of Dreams Show, They Will Come