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Jared Harris Is Psychohistory Daddy in the Foundation Trailer

As the latest sci-fi show destined for weekly Wikipedia consultations and wormholes, Foundation has unveiled its first head-scratcher of a trailer. Oh, sorry, you thought Dune was complicated? Adapted from Isaac Asimov’s novels, Foundation follows a psychohistory doctor (Jared Harris, always a sight for sore eyes) who claims he can predict the impending fall of the Empire. Just don’t call it a theory! “It’s the future of mankind expressed in numbers, and the Empire won’t like the future I predict,” he proclaims. “Wars will be endless, a thousand worlds reduced to cinders.” A loyal follower (newcomer Lou Llobell) seems happy to help rebuild and preserve the future of civilization by the doc’s side, even if a group of emperor clones (led by Lee Pace in Loki cosplay) might try to take the assassination route. So the Empire is … striking back? Foundation will premiere September 24.

Jared Harris Is Psychohistory Daddy in Foundation Trailer