Gerard Butler’s Hair Is Pushed Back, Not Slicked Back, in Copshop

Copshop is not a movie about a shop for cops or cops who own a shop or cops who like to shop. According to the completely infallible Urban Dictionary, “copshop” is a slang term for a police station. And that is exactly where an assassin —played by Gerard Butler — has found himself trapped in a stand-off with a competing assassin (Toby Huss), the jailed conman who is their intended victim (Frank Grillo), and an extremely bad-ass cop (The Tomorrow War’s Alexis Louder.) Butler’s character is clearly intended to be morally ambiguous–with his hair in the trailer seeming to oscillate between pushed-back and slicked-back several times. But, if you’ve seen him in Phantom of the Opera, you know Butler’s hair overall is capable of a much deeper slick than this, which can only mean they are trying to trick us into thinking he’s a piece of shit when he’s not. Phewf.

Gerard Butler’s Copshop Hair Pushed Back, Not Slicked Back