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Exclusive Details! Showtime Releases Gossip Docuseries Trailer

Have we got a scoop for you. Showtime released the trailer for its upcoming docuseries Gossip, promising all the exclusive, juicy details about the American tabloid industry. The four-part series, directed by The Fourth Estate Emmy nominee Jenny Carchman, follows gossip reporting through the decades, beginning with the inception of “Page Six” at the New York Post in the late 1970s. And the series uses a murderers’ row of gossipy talking heads, from “Page Six” legend Cindy Adams herself to blogger Perez Hilton. The trailer promises to dive into coverage of everyone from Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton along the way. After all, as Adams puts it, “If the average person knows something secretive or interesting, what good is it if nobody knows they know it?” Gossip premieres on Showtime on August 22 at 8 p.m. ET — but you didn’t hear it from us.

Exclusive Details! Showtime Drops Gossip Docuseries Trailer