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Jeopardy! Fans Will Take ‘Let’s Heckle the New Host’ for $1,000

Photo: Carol Kaelson/NBC

On Tuesday, someone who is neither Ken Jennings nor LeVar Burton was reported to be the front-runner to replace Alex Trebek as Jeopardy!’s new host: executive producer Mike Richards, a man who is ushering in an astounding amount of 2000 Dick Cheney energy to the game show. For those unfamiliar with the name, Richards had long been a “television personality” (his previous game-show-hosting stints include a revived The Pyramid in 2012 and the early-aughts classic Beauty and the Geek) before getting on Jeopardy!’s payroll in early 2020. You may also recall that he served as one of the show’s numerous guest hosts earlier this year; prior to that, he was embroiled in a 2011 sexual-harassment lawsuit while serving as a producer on The Price Is Right, although he was dismissed as a defendant before a settlement was reached. So what do the fine users over at Twitter dot com have to say about this “Chad McWhiterson” fellow? The swift unity has been inspiring to watch.

There has been a solid amount of I Think You Should Leave representation.

But we’ll just leave you with this final tweet with no further comment.

Jeopardy! Fans Take ‘Let’s Heckle the New Host’ for $1,000