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John Mayer’s New Music Video Is Like If Mark Knopfler Got Really Into Vaporwave

The ’80s algorithm that John Mayer consulted for his newest album, Sob Rock, has revealed its findings for the “Wild Blue” music video … and it’s a splash of Eric Clapton’s August sartorial jacket choices, a Communiqué-era Mark Knopfler guitar solo, and we also want to say the opening credits to The Golden Girls? But we like the Knopfler reference best. Speaking of, has anyone checked on him lately? Does he have any belated thoughts about his Rock Hall induction? Anyway. Our boy Mayer looks like he’s having a blast in front of a CGI screen and wind machine, somberly crooning about a lady: “Never seen the sun before / Lying on the ocean floor / I’m walking through the wilderness / And living off the loneliness.” No yachts in sight, though.

Please Show This John Mayer Music Video to Mark Knopfler