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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Reportedly Expecting Baby No. 2

Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

TikTok sleuths, you earned your views. Multiple sources are saying Kylie Jenner is pregnant. “Page Six” first reported the self-made girl boss is expecting her second child with artist Travis Scott on August 20. A source with TMZ says Jenner is in the “very early stages” of the pregnancy and does not yet know the sex of the baby. “She has been trying for almost two years to get pregnant,” another source told Us Weekly. “She has always wanted another kid close to [her 3-year-old daughter] Stormi’s age.” The on-again, off-again, is-it-anyone’s-business, no-but-we-would-like-to-know couple had their daughter Stormi Webster in February 2018, only announcing the news after her birth. On Thursday, Caitlyn Jenner let slip that she’s expecting a “19th grandchild” but did not confirm exactly whose “oven.” (Her son, Burt Jenner, is expecting his third child.) The youngest Jenner has recently been swatting away pregnancy rumors in the press, but it did not stop fans from noticing the same tricks she used to hide her first pregnancy — like wearing hoodies and posting old photos. Yes, you may have seen her toasting for her August 10 birthday, but did you clock the nails? Old. Pics. Pop the prop Champagne! We got a little Stormi comin’!

Kylie Jenner Reportedly Expecting Baby No. 2