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Los Angeles Declares 8/18 Brody Stevens Day

Photo: Mathew Imaging/WireImage

In memory of the late comic and actor Brody Stevens, the city of Los Angeles has declared August 18 to forevermore be known as Brody Stevens Day. Stevens was a tireless booster of the Valley and his 818 area code.

The Comedy Store announced that the ceremony would take place August 18 at Brody’s Bench, a bench dedicated to the comic in Reseda Park. Artist/comedian Kevin Christy shared a pic of the ceremony and the official resolution on Twitter. And yes, an official City of Los Angeles resolution mentions that Stevens was cut out of Funny People. “WHEREAS, Brody Stevens was a prolific comedian and entertainer. From performing in films like The Hangover, Due Date, and cut out of Funny People …” the document starts, before going on to list Stevens’s TV credits and catchphrases.

Stevens committed suicide in 2019, and his loss is still being felt by the Los Angeles comedy community. Since his death, more work has been done to help comedians seek help for mental illness and bring Stevens’s positivity into a world without him. Last year Comedy Gives Back co-founder Amber J. Lawson called his death a tipping point, telling Vulture, “I do think there’s a shift in mental-health awareness. There’s really an effort to reduce the fears that you will be judged or not given a job or somehow black-marked against because you ask for help.”

Los Angeles Declares 8/18 Brody Stevens Day