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Machine Gun Kelly Rocks Even Harder on New Single ‘papercuts’

No, it wasn’t just a phase. Machine Gun Kelly is back with “papercuts,” the first single off his upcoming album born with horns, and only digging further into the rock stylings he committed to on 2020’s Tickets to My Downfall. Anchored by rough, ’90s-inspired guitar riffs, the song sounds less in line with the musician’s recent pop-punk sound, though, and more like a straight-up rocker. It also comes with a video, directed by Cole Bennett, that finds Kelly playing a comically huge guitar for a group of aliens and other creatures, in case you still had doubts about the whole rock pivot. (He’s also once again backed by blink-182’s Travis Barker, who is producing born with horns.) Oh, and that shaved-head look he debuted a few days ago? Just a bald cap, as Kelly revealed in the video, after singing a line about shaving his head and donning a mop-like black wig. Feel free to call that one a phase.

Machine Gun Kelly Rocks Harder on New Single ‘papercuts’