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Who’s Cuter? John Cho or the Corgi in This Cowboy Bebop First Look

John Cho, space cowboy. Photo: GEOFFREY SHORT/NETFLIX

We know better than to try and fence in this space cowboy. Netflix has uploaded a first look at live-action series Cowboy Bebop, based on the classic 1998 Japanese anime by Sunrise. John Cho stars as Spike Spiegel, a gun-slinging bounty hunter (called “cowboys”) among humanity’s space colonies in the year 2071. In the first look, Cho has gravity-defying anime hair and carefully crafted abs underneath his suit and loosened tie. There’s also a shot of the entire crew of the Bebop spacecraft, including Ein, played by a real-life corgi. He’s joined by a gang of misfits, Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda), and Ein, a genetically engineered “data dog” who can answer the phone, drive, and analyze situations better than most, as they hunt down the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals … for a price. Not shown are Elena Satine as Spike’s love interest, Julia, and Alex Hassell as his former partner and current nemesis, Vicious. Gren, a soldier turned saxophonist, will be a nonbinary character played by a nonbinary actor Mason Alexander Park. (Whether or not Edward, a hacker and highly intelligent 13-year-old girl, made the film has yet to be announced.) Netflix shared the images on social media, with the caption: “See You Space Cowboy.” Cowboy Bebop arrives November 19. Bang.

Who’s Cuter: John Cho or the Corgi in Cowboy Bebop?