Diddy Says He’s ‘Coming Back Into Music,’ Wants to Start an R&B Label

Photo: Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Back when he was known to the world as Diddy, Sean Combs defined the hip-hop of the ’90s with his label, Bad Boy Records, one of the biggest and best of the era. Now that he’s known to the world as “Love” (or at least trying to be), the music mogul has his sights set on a new frontier in music: R&B. On the cover of Vanity Fair’s “Turn of the Century” issue, Combs said he plans to start an “all R&B label” — a revelation that the magazine noted comes as a surprise to his publicist and team. “I’m coming back into music, you know?” the rapper said, before explaining the plans. “I feel like R&B was abandoned and it’s a part of our African American culture.” Combs said he doesn’t want to sign artists, either, instead aiming to do “50-50 partnerships with pure transparency.” “We don’t own hip-hop right now,” he continued. “We have a chance to — and I’m going to make sure that … we own R&B.” But will he get Dirty Money members Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper, who surely know a few things about R&B, involved? Will the label be called Love Records, perhaps, or Good Boy?

Details may be slim on this throwback, but as for that other one — the photo with Jennifer Lopez that Diddy posted to Instagram recently — the mogul insists it was just in good fun. “It wasn’t no trolling involved, that’s just my friend,” he told Vanity Fair. “And I don’t have nothing to say about her relationship or her life.”

Diddy Wants to Start an R&B Label