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Katie Thurston, Method Actor, Evaluates Her Bachelorette Finale Performance

Photo: ABC

Before we start reveling in the trashy, tequila-soaked oasis known as Bachelor in Paradise, one bit of housekeeping from Katie Thurston’s spectacularly bland Bachelorette season finale: She’s thought about it, and yeah, her verbal smackdown with Greg Grippo kind of unfolded like Gene Cousineau’s classes in Barry. In a new interview with Variety, Thurston admitted that she came into their “After the Final Rose” sit-down with “very fresh” breakup emotions, which spurred a far more combative approach than a typical Bachelorette ending. “I did come down hard and I did have a lot of anger,” she, an engaged woman, explained. “If I have the opportunity to talk to someone who hurt me, I’m going to.”

When asked if she believed Grippo was acting during his time on the show, Thurston, perhaps sensing the changing social-media tide of viewers’ perceptions of her, deflected from reiterating her more hardened finale stance. “It’s hard to say,” she offered. “He was in acting school — take that for what you want. Ultimately, it helped both of us make the right decision in terms of him leaving and me staying. And I ended up with exactly who I’m supposed to be with.” Thurston previously said on “After the Final Rose” that Grippo was a “pretty good” actor, “until the end when you kind of fucked it up and ran away.” Again, this woman is alleging to be happily engaged.

Katie Thurston Evaluates Her Bachelorette Finale Performance