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The D’Amelio Show Trailer: TikTok Stars, They’re Nothing Like Us

The world’s favorite TikTokers, now horizontal. In the trailer for The D’Amelio Show, their new Hulu reality-TV series, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio do their best impressions of normal teenage girls while navigating having over 150 million followers combined on TikTok. Because everyone is in the mood to watch one family skyrocket to success during a global pandemic. Right? While Charli, 16, is known for making the white-girl version of TikTok dance trends (no shade, white-girl dancing is a trend in itself) and 19-year-old Dixie is known for her sad-girl pop, their new Hulu show is here to convince you they’re just ordinary girls (with ordinary parents, Marc and Heidi, who moved the whole family from Connecticut to L.A.). “Is there room for dance and to be a kid?” their mom wonders in the trailer. “I want to try and keep that as normal as it was.” They’re trading high school for the Hype House, going to the mall for dinners at BOA, and talent shows for a record deal, but sure — it’s the chores that’ll keep ’em grounded. The D’Amelio Show officially comes to Hulu on September 3.

The D’Amelio Show Trailer: TikTokers Are Nothing Like Us