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Elle Fanning Chooses Chicken Over Sex in The Great’s Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for The Great season two confirms Vulture’s long-held theory that men have been in their flop era since, at least, the late 18th century. As the first look at the new season, our dear Catherine (Elle Fanning) is trying her best to control Russian bloodshed while pregnant with her first child, and it doesn’t help that her husband (Nicholas Hoult) keeps saying things like “there’s so many reasons for you to give up, while shooting guards around the palace. Is achieving Enlightenment really that hard? Harder than a coup, we guess. Also, Gillian Anderson is there as Catherine’s mother in a gorgeous wig, fainting her way off a chair. Give us more scenes of Gillian Anderson fainting off a chair! The Great will premiere on November 19.

The Great Season 2 Trailer: Catherine Picks Chicken Over Sex