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Give It Up for the Isley Brothers’ Tiny Desk (‘Between the Sheets’) Concert

Quick question: Who’s that lady? We’re all gonna be asking ourselves that for the rest of the day after jamming to “That Lady” during the Isley Brothers’ Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. Ronald and Ernie Isley performed just four classics from their catalogue of hits going back to 1959, hitting high notes and plucking a (floral-printed!) guitar like the ’80s never left. Easing through “Between the Sheets,” “Footsteps in the Dark,” and “For the Love of You,” the Isley Brothers reminded everyone of their impact on American musical culture without even having to play “Shout.” “It reminds me of going way back when we had Jimi Hendrix living at the house and playing,” Ronald Isley said. “We went on to meet a young fellow by the name of Kendrick Lamar who sampled the record, and we got a Grammy Award for it.” August 18 would have Marvin Isley’s 68th birthday; the youngest of the family and the group’s bass guitarist died in 2010 at 56 from complications of diabetes. The Isley Brothers’ legacy is only growing with plans to tour announced for 2021 to 2022. Honestly here for it — as long as it comes with a coronavirus parody of “Contagious” sans R. Kelly. You’re contagious / Don’t touch me, baby / Don’t give me what you got! 

Give It Up for the Isley Brothers’ Tiny Desk (Home) Concert