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American Horror Story: Double Feature Trailer: ‘Something Weird Is Going On Here’

This is the scariest American Horror Story teaser imagery we’ve ever seen. For the tenth season of Ryan Murphy’s perennial fuck-and-fearfest, FX is focusing on the anthology series’ scariest monsters yet: Jeff Bezoses. In the below teaser for this season’s “Part 1: Red Tide” and “Part 2: Death Valley,” we saw outer space Jeff Bezoses hovering over a surgery table, and underwater Jeff Bezoses swimming with the sharks. The horror! The official trailer for part one introduces us to Finn Wittrock as a struggling writer and Lily Rabe, his pregnant wife, who appear to be reenacting Darren Aronofsky’s mother! and not expecting something freaky to happen. Evan Peters and Frances Conroy befriend him, ominously guaranteeing their town will cure his writer’s block, something Ryan Murphy apparently never experiences. American Horror Story: Double Feature has already been renewed for a second installment and yet we still have questions about the details. “Something weird is going on here,” Leslie Grossman’s character says because somebody has to. Are the Jeff Bezoses references to hoarded wealth and the consumption and commodification of human labor? Or does a man-meat violin with a bone bow just look creepy? Will they work the “space” “travel” into this somehow? All will be revealed on the season premiere, August 25, on FX.

‘Something Weird Is Going On’ in the New AHS Trailer