Do Your Best Fortnite Dances to Ariana Grande’s Virtual Concert

Want to go to a concert, but feeling anxious about the Delta variant? Or maybe you’re fine with the risk, but you just wish more concerts had the option to ride around on a floating piñata pony shooting rainbows out of its butt? We have a solution to both of these very common issues. On August 6, Ariana Grande made her Fortnite debut with an in-game concert performance full of larger-than-life graphics and interactive elements. Viewers could bounce in bubbles or float around in space, all while a CG rendering of Grande channeled a Steven Universe fusion, wielding a giant hammer and stunting her way through all kinds of dreamscapes that sort of vaguely vibed with her aesthetic. The track list featured “raindrops,” “7 rings,” “Be Alright,” “R.E.M.,” “The Way,” and “positions,” and her Rift Tour performance is still playable in the game until Sunday, August 8. And for those of you who don’t know a battle royale from a royale with cheese, you can watch the full set on Grande’s YouTube page.

Do Some Fortnite Dances to Ariana Grande’s Virtual Concert