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Watch Heidi Klum Grill Jimmy Fallon on What ‘Backpfeifengesicht’ Means

Heidi Klum has been hosting shows for one year longer than Jimmy Fallon, so it’s only fair that when she guests on The Tonight Show, she gets to do some quiz mastering. Project Runway premiered in 2008, a year before Fallon got Late Night. (Okay, arguably Fallon was doing Update since 2000, but one segment does not a host make!) Klum grilled Fallon on German compound words, the kind that wind up in listicles about “X Words in a Different Language You Wish English Had.” If you’re having a rough day, watch Klum intone these long-ass German words directly to camera, sans context and with huge intensity. It’s brain smoothing, and her eye shadow is very sparkly.

Watch Heidi Klum & Jimmy Fallon Define ‘Backpfeifengesicht’