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Watch Lisa Rinna Vociferously (and Profanely) Defend Erika Jayne on WWHL

Lisa Rinna said it: She is tired of carrying this show on her back. On Wednesday night’s WWHL With Andy Cohen, Rinna defended her chiller approach to Erika Jayne. With Denise Richards, with Lisa Vanderpump, with Yolanda, and with Kim, Lisa Rinna was the Spanish Inquisition. Ironically, the Bravo fans expected the Spanish Inquisition with Erika Jayne and what involvement she may or may not have with Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement and debts. Rinna isn’t getting involved this time, and she cites personal growth as the reason why. “I am somebody who does take a look at my behavior, and what I’ve done,” she said. “And I have grown since last year.” Rinna admitted that this personal growth could look like a double standard, but also said that she’s not the only cast member on the show. Other people can get nosy too, you know. Rinna dropped a few F-bombs, indicating how strongly she feels on the subject. “Do I have to fucking do everything?” she asked the audience, to uproarious applause (and light censoring by Bravo). Rinna also made it clear that she thinks Erika knew nothing. “Why would Tom Girardi tell Erika anything?” she asked. “The lawyers didn’t even know.” Seems like Detective Rinna is still on the case, just not lead investigator this time.

Watch Lisa Rinna Defend Erika Jayne, Drop F-Bombs on WWHL