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Netflix Goes Full-Disney Channel Games, Makes Its Reality Stars Face Off in Battle

The Olympics are soooooo two weeks ago. Now it’s time for the real athletes — influencers, himbos, and Realtors — to compete on the world stage. Today, Netflix premiered the first episode of Netflix Reality Games, in which cast members from the streaming service’s various original reality series compete in such feats of rigor as:

  • throwing Hula-Hoops on pylons
  • paddling on an emoji floatie
  • blindfolds (?)

The teams are made up of cast members from The Circle, Too Hot to Handle, and Love Is Blind, meaning we get to see fan favorites like Joey Sasso, the butt-plug-lookin’ Too Hot to Handle robot, and Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause (who hosts) interact. But while Battle of the Network Stars and Disney Channel Games — from which this streaming event clearly draws inspiration — had arenas and obstacle courses, Netflix Reality Games is super rinky-dink; its challenges look like a low-effort backyard birthday party for a small child. Speaking of which, the description of the three-day event says the contestants will compete in challenges of “speed, smarts, and strength.” Speed and strength, sure. But smarts? For this group? Now we’re worried.

Netflix Goes Full Disney Channel, Airs a Reality-Star Battle