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Watch Seth Meyers Turn Cuomo’s Exit Into a Modern Seinfeld Episode

Seth Meyers Tuesday night “Closer Look” focused mostly on Rudy Giuliani joining Cameo, maybe the four most cursed words to ever clump together. But first, he had to point out how bullshit Andrew Cuomo’s “the line moved” argument was. In fact, it reminded him of nothing more than a C- Seinfeld B story. In Meyers’ imagination, George Costanza would be the one to complain about the line moving. Jerry would react with surprise that the line has moved at all (which is perhaps why he won’t do college shows anymore), and Puddy would “use” the line on Elaine. Meyers acted out his spec script, impressions and all, because there is still no audience watching/judging Seth Meyers and it has made him go insane. Which is fun for us, the viewers. Meyers is far from the only late night host poking holes in Cuomo’s story, but he is the only one using a funky bass sting to accentuate his point.

Watch Seth Meyers Turn Cuomo’s Exit Into a Seinfeld Episode