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Watch Hotties Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy Bicker Hotly in This Together Clip

James McAvoy’s pandemic hair is really long, but his patience is really short in this exclusive clip from the upcoming lockdown comedy Together. In a straight-to-camera confessional style reminiscent of Fleabag, he and Sharon Horgan play a couple who are working, and fighting, from home in 2020. Horgan’s character beseeches McAvoy’s to tell the audience what he does for a living because she doesn’t get it herself. “I’ve got a boutique consultancy. We specialize in data analytics and finding technological, multimedia solutions for linear online broadcast marketing providers. We specialize in cost-efficiency savings. I mean, what’s so complicated about that?” So, so much is complicated about that, James. Horgan leans forward and sums it up as basically “computers,” causing McAvoy, kid-size yogurt cup in hand, to unleash the most spiteful psycho laugh we’ve seen in a movie clip all year. A ten-out-of-ten angry laugh. Directed by Stephen Daldry and written by Dennis Kelly, the film hits theaters August 27. Go for Horgan in overalls; stay for McAvoy bringing that Split energy to a rom-com.

Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy Spar in This Together Clip