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The Power of the Dog Teaser: More Like the Power of Kirsten Dunst

“He’s just a man, only a man,” Kirsten Dunst whispers in the teaser for The Power of the Dog, out on Netflix December 1. When Benedict Cumberbatch’s Phil Burbank, a cunning rancher more dangerous than he lets on, cruelly drives Dunst’s Rose and her son Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee) to tears, she needs just as much comfort. Enter his rich brother George (Jesse Plemons, Dunst’s real-life pardner), who secretly marries the widow, unfortunately bringing Phil even closer. Set in 1925 Montana, the teaser suffocates with anxiety even on the open plains. Phil’s mind games start with whistling a tune he knows Rose can no longer play. (No, that’s not the Jurassic Park theme song he’s attempting to compose.) Then, his mockery of Peter appears to turn to mentorship. But from the way Rose yells after them as they ride off, it seems her mother’s intuition is saying something else. Written and directed by Academy Award winner Jane Campion in her first feature film in over a decade, the movie is adapted from the Thomas Savage novel of the same name. It also marks Campion’s first time working with a lead who suffers from being a m-m-man. At least there’s Kirsten Dunst’s palpable female energy from years of working with Sofia Coppola. Watch The Power of the Dog teaser above and manifest more firsts: an Oscar nomination for Dunst and a Best Director win for Campion.

The Power of the Dog Teaser Stars the Power of Kirsten Dunst