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Watch Finneas Stumble-Dance in the ‘A Concert Six Months From Now’ Video

Finneas, big bro of Billie, announced his debut album and dropped its first single. Finneas won the Grammy for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical in 2020. His first album, Optimist comes out October 15, and its first single is “A Concert Six Months From Now.” In the video, Finneas stumble-dances through a deserted Hollywood Bowl, like the Martha Graham–inspired dancers in White Christmas. The song is about inviting an on-again-off-again partner to the titular concert six months from now, in the hopes that y’all will be on again by then. Of course, with new variants circulating through the populace, we’re all looking at our future concert plans with a little mix of hope and wariness.

Watch the Video for Finneas’ Debut Album’s First Single