What We Do in the Shadows Reveals Excellent Matt Berry Hair, Gets Renewed for Season 4

One assumes Friday the 13th is actually a good day for vampires, and so it seems to be for vampire fans. Today, FX dropped a brand-new full trailer for season three of What We Do in the Shadows that suggests we are in for quite a bit of regular human fun when it debuts on September 2. The gang gets to be in the Vampiric Council, complete with the return of Kristen Schaal as the floaty council administrative assistant (We assume that’s her title, based on her duties.) There’s also the revelation that Guillermo is being absorbed into the coven even though he is a vampire hunter, which is nice. And there’s some kind of werewolf sports contest happening on a cinematic, snowy soccer field.

And finally, can we talk about Matt Berry’s hair? Clearly, he has joined the ranks of men who grew out their hair this past year with fantastic results. It’s like John Lennon in the late ’60s but thicker and shinier. And for it to look that good alongside Kayvan Novak’s epic mane, Natasia Demetriou’s extremely fancy wigs, and Harvey Guillen’s luscious waves is truly a feat. Mark Proksch is also there and looking great too. Along with the trailer, FX announced today that the show has already been renewed for season four — set to debut in 2022 — so that means there’s time for everyone’s hair to get even better and for Proksch to continue being present and looking great.

What We Do in the Shadows Drops a New Trailer, Gets Renewed