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A Y: The Last Man Series Is Finally Happening and There’s a Trailer to Prove It

Y: The Last Man has been cruising for an adaptation since the comic book debuted in 2002. So much has happened since the book wrapped in 2008, making a film or movie version that much more tempting. After writing the series, Brian K. Vaughn went on to work on Lost and act as showrunner for Under the Dome. Another of his books, Runaways, has had a TV adaptation come and go. Shia LeBeouf was a front-runner to star in a movie version. Then it lost Disturbia director DJ Caruso, which meant LaBeouf was out. Dan Trachtenberg was attached to the project, back when all he had to his name was a Portal fan movie. Now he’s attached to the Uncharted movie and a Predator sequel, and Y: The Last Man is a prestige TV show. Just think, prestige TV wasn’t really a going concern when this saga started 15 years ago. Nor were global plagues!

Y: The Last Man tells the story of Yorick, the titular last man. Something killed all the male mammals on earth, except Yorick and his monkey Ampersand. In the FX on Hulu series, he’ll be played by Ben Schnetzer. Diana Lane leads a bereaved America as the president, Ashley Romans plays Agent 335, and Olivia Thirlby is Hero Brown. Y: The Last Man comes to FX on Hulu September 13.

Watch the Long, Long-Awaited Trailer for Y: The Last Man