The Beetlejuice Musical Will Return From the Dead on Broadway This Spring

Necromancy works! Photo: Matthew Murphy

Nothing can stop the ghost with the most, not even Scott Rudin. Today, the producers of the musical Beetlejuice have announced that the production will return from the dead on April 8, 2022, at the Marriott Marquis Theatre. The production has had quite a saga already: It opened to lukewarm reviews on Broadway back in April 2019 (though Vulture liked it more than some), sagged in ticket sales for a bit, but then miraculously became a hit among fans on TikTok. Just when things seemed like they had turned around for the show, it announced in December 2019 that it would have to close early — on June 6, 2020 — as the theater owners, the Schuberts, had decided to clear out its old theater, the Winter Garden, to make way for producer Scott Rudin’s Hugh Jackman–led revival of The Music Man. Due to the pandemic, Beetlejuice ended up stopping in March with every other show on Broadway. The Music Man does still plan to take over the Winter Garden later this winter, though without Rudin attached.

In its new home at the Marquis, Beetlejuice will replace Tootsie, which opened, which also opened in April 2019, closed in January 2020. Tickets will be available starting October 1. Casting for the revived production has not yet been announced.

Beetlejuice Musical Will Return From the Dead on Broadway