feel? this fall

Well, CBS Got Annaleigh Ashford to Sing a Whole Song About CBS

With the encroachment of streaming, TV networks sometimes have to fall back on a time-honored way to drum up press: getting everyone to sing about how great they are. NBC dove into that grand tradition in 2012 with its memorable “Brotherhood of Man” sing-along (fun game: count how many people in it have since been accused of abusive behavior and/or elected president), and now someone at CBS has decided to do it in 2021. Why? Because, as Annaleigh Ashford, Tony winner, undersung hero of the Ryan Murphy–verse, avant-garde video artist, and star of the CBS sitcom B Positive, sings: We must simply feel this fall. “You know the best way to feel? TV,” she announces, with a level of enthusiasm and hip flexibility that, frankly, the writing for this promo does not deserve.

The whole “Feel This Fall” promo continues onward in a magic journey through some sort of backstage nexus realm where CBS stars can communicate with one another but only through rhyme. Max Greenfield, the Rex Harrison of this ad, talk-sings through a verse about CBS sitcoms. Young Sheldon raps about how CBS has committed to airing oh so many cop shows (great idea, guys). And everyone comes together for a big crescendo to sing about the joys of “fuuuuut-ball.” They are also hit in the head with various footballs. I would continue to make fun, but honestly, every network and streaming service should be required to do these as penance to the TV gods. Where is Netflix’s production number? Who will force Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon to sing about the joys of AppleTV+? Make more TV stars embarrassed to be here!

CBS Got Annaleigh Ashford to Sing a Whole Song About CBS