Kate Beckinsale Guilty of, Well, Wreaking Havoc in the Guilty Party Trailer

Who’s the real guilty party here in the Guilty Party trailer? Because, well, by Vulture’s count, Kate Beckinsale’s Beth Burgess commits multiple counts of destruction of property, along with breaking and entering, and dressing “like a time traveler.” But she doesn’t seem to be the titular guilty party in this upcoming Paramount+ series — from showrunner Rebecca Addelman, of Dead to Me and New Girl — premiering on October 14. The trailer, premiering exclusively on Vulture, finds journalist Beth latching onto the story of Toni Plimpton (newcomer Jules Latimer), who claims she was wrongfully convicted of murdering her husband in a case that earned her the nickname “the Dick Cutter.” (Plimpton’s stellar defense: “Why would I cut his dick off if I was gonna kill him? The whole reason you cut a dick off is so that he has to walk around without a dick, right?”) Things only get wilder from there, when the guns, chain saws, and even foot-licking come out.

Kate Beckinsale Guilty of Wreaking Havoc in Guilty Party