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How Many Times Did the Emmys Play the Ted Lasso ‘YEEEEEEAH’?

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It’s always funny when a show about underdogs is … an overdog. Apple TV+’s lovable transatlantic football comedy Ted Lasso went into this year’s Emmy Awards ceremony as a record-breaker, with an unprecedented 20 nominations across various categories. But what the Emmys maybe failed to realize when they heaped those noms upon Ted Lasso was that every time one was announced during the ceremony, some anonymous wielder-of-the-aux (Reggie Watts, perhaps?) played the same few seconds of the show’s music — namely, the most famous yeeeeeeaahh to start off a theme song this side of CSI. So how many times did we hear that ripper of a note by *checks notes* Marcus Mumford? Really??? We did some scorekeeping:

Supporting Actress in a Comedy: 3
• Two nominations, one win for Hannah Waddingham (or Hannah Waddington, as Seth Rogen put it).

Supporting Actor in a Comedy: 5
• Four different Ted Lasso players earned nominations in this category, and CGI creation Brett Goldstein won the award. That amount of back-to-back yeeeeeeeeeeeahs is an Outstanding Comedy itself.

Comedy Writing: 0
• They didn’t play the theme-song snippets during these nominations, a precursor of the loss to come (to Hacks).

Comedy Directing: 3
Three different Ted Lasso episodes were nominated, but Hacks won yet again. Hacks is beginning to look like the Manchester City to Lasso’s AFC Richmond.

Lead Actor in a Comedy: 2
• One for the money (Jason Sudeikis’s nomination), two for the show (Sudeikis’s win), baby.

Outstanding Comedy: 1
• At this point, the Emmys were going into overtime, so they didn’t play stingers for the nominees. Luckily, Lasso won and we got one last triumphant yeeeeeeah.

Final score: 14 yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhs. Congrats, Ted Lasso, and a special congratulation to the Mumford and Son.

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How Many Times Did the Emmys Play the Ted Lasso ‘YEEEEEEAH’?