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Hold On, Is Impeachment: American Crime Story Not on ‘FX on Hulu’?

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You have have heard of Ryan Murphy’s third chapter in his American Crime Story anthology series. It’s got some stars you love. It’s full of the drama and true-life details of Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, Paula Jones, and Bill Clinton. Overall, FX’s Impeachment shaping up to be a good watch to kick off fall television. So if you, like probably many others, logged onto your Hulu account this morning only to find that Impeachment was nowhere to be found — not even on so-called “FX on Hulu”! — well, we’re sorry. To help, we’ve put together a helpful guide to figure out how you and the cord-cutters in your life can stream the show from here on out.

Where can you watch Impeachment: American Crime Story?

Impeachment is an FX show, so the series is exclusively premiering on the cable network every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. You can check your television program guides as well. And according to FX, after each episode’s premiere, the channel will also have two to three encore showings, so if you don’t catch it at 10 p.m., you have a some chances to watch the latest episode soon after. You can also watch it on the FX app if you have a cable login (more on that later).

Wait, I thought FX shows were available to stream on Hulu?

While we’ve grown quite comfortable with that idea as part of the streaming service’s FX on Hulu branding (which we’ll admit can be a little bit confusing), Impeachment is considered to be an exclusively FX title. FX on Hulu shows air on Hulu, but if a show is exclusive to the cable network, then it’s not necessarily obligated to stream next-day on the Disney-run streamer.

So, I can’t stream it anywhere?

Not on a traditional streaming service, no. Like we said above, you won’t be able to stream Impeachment next-day on Hulu. The series won’t even be available on any big streaming service until it hits Netflix in 2022, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Is this a Ryan Murphy thing?

Sort of. Because of the complexities in 20th TV’s and FX’s various deals with Netflix, some Ryan Murphy shows only stream on Netflix, while some — like the current season of American Horror Story — also have a next-day window on Hulu. The scattering between the two streaming services make it all the much harder to follow, but you can technically stream it on FX on Demand.

Okay, so how can I watch it on FX on Demand?

With the FX app, you can stream Impeachment anytime! It’s basically like if you streamed it on Hulu, except you stream it from FX. But you still need a cable log-in. So, it might be a good time to call your parents to say hello and ask for that.

Can I watch Impeachment with any other service?

If you don’t prefer to watch Impeachment through cable television or on the FX app, there are other ways: Just subscribe to streaming services with live TV options, such as a Hulu Live TV plan that costs $64.99 a month. Or you can watch through YouTube TV or Sling TV (but with a Blue or Orange & Blue plan to get FX) — the former also costs $64.99 a month, and the latter costs between $35-$50. But another good alternative is to buy the entire season through iTunes or Amazon for only $20. As each episode airs on FX, it’ll be available for you to stream in your respective accounts. Plus, it’s a cheaper alternative to the other streamers if all you really want to do is just watch Impeachment.


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Is Impeachment: American Crime Story Not on ‘FX on Hulu’?