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The Invasion Trailer Makes Us Question Who the Real Aliens Are

Apple TV+ will premiere three episodes of Invasion on October 22 — get the underground bunkers ready. The sci-fi series, starring Sam Neill, Shamier Anderson, and Golshifteh Farahani, follows five ordinary people from across the world as they confront the alien invasion overwhelming Earth. An apocalyptic scene unfolds in the trailer with bombs, explosions, and power outages. People are in disarray as they contend with the surrounding disasters of the alien invasion. However, executive producer Simon Kinberg, who also produced X-Men and Deadpool, is making us question who the real aliens are. “We’re all aliens,” says Kinberg to IGN. “There is a sense of alienation that I think all people carry with them in some form, whether they’re alienated from their families, alienated from their communities, alienated from their jobs, there is a sense of disconnect.” The sense of alienation may be captured by an urgent warning made by a military member in the trailer: “We might be all that stands between life as we know it and the end of all existence.”

This article has been updated to reflect the correct release date.

Invasion Trailer Makes Us Question Who the Real Aliens Are