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Jennifer Coolidge Wants to Run Really Fast, and We Should Let Her

Mindy Kaling better watch her ass, because Jennifer Coolidge is a-comin’. “I’m gonna corner her,” Coolidge said after Karamo Brown told her the Legally Blonde 3 co-writer was in attendance. Brown was working the red carpet for E! News and asked Coolidge what her hopes and dreams were for the long-awaited concluding chapter in the Elle Woods trilogy. Kaling and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Dan Goor were announced as the writers of the three-quel last year. Reese Witherspoon is already confirmed as returning, but Coolidge hasn’t heard diddly squat about what her character will be up to in this installment. “I hope that Reese and I are running really fast for most of it,” Coolidge said. “We’re running from something, really fast.” From what? Mediocre men? Brunettes? A Honey I Blew Up The Kid-ified Bruiser? That sounds like Mindy Kaling’s problem, not Jennifer Coolidge’s.

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Jennifer Coolidge Wants to Run Fast in Legally Blonde 3