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Jeopardy! Distracts Us From Mike Richards With … Alex Trebek’s Name?

Oh, did you actually think Jeopardy! would kick off its season premiere with a “WE’RE SORRY” disclaimer and a bunch of “WE KNOW” chyrons? We mean, that would’ve been terrific, but no. Not yet, anyway. To answer the question you’re in the mood for: No, the game show didn’t acknowledge the Mike Richards hosting catastrophe during its September 13 episode (the first since Richards’s spectacular self-implosion occurred in mid-August). Instead, it opened with a 20-second segment informing viewers that the studio has been renamed The Alex Trebek Stage. Alex’s wife Jean, son Matt, and daughters Emily and Nikki were all present when Jeopardy! made the dedication in the late host’s honor. Besides that, it was business as usual behind the lecterns, with Richards even getting a “First Day on the Job” clue category during the Double Jeopardy round. Because “Examples of Game Show Icaruses” was a little too long for those blue tiles.

Jeopardy! Distracts Us From Mike Richards With Trebek’s Name