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How Cute of Mike Richards to Subtly Address His Jeopardy! Critics

Area Man Seeking Job. Photo: Carol Kaelson/Jeopardy Productions Inc.

Day two of Mike Richards’s flop era, also known as his short Jeopardy! hosting stint, aired as expected on September 14, with returning champion Matt Amodio showing off his newfound TMZ chops to claim a decisive 19th victory. While Jeopardy! has yet to acknowledge Richards’s dumpster fire of a departure from the show on-air, Icarus himself addressed viewers with brief remarks during Tuesday’s episode, using verbiage that was likely intended to quell the strongly held (and not exactly incorrect) belief that he’s a tenured fame-whore who connived his way into the gig. “You know, the power of this show has always been derived from the contestants,” Richards said at the start of the episode. “And my pledge to Jeopardy! fans everywhere is to continue to make this stage a place where our contestants can shine their absolute brightest.” The rest of the episode, airing from the newly christened Alex Trebek Stage, buzzed on as usual in blue neutrals.

How Cute of Mike Richards to Subtly Address His Jep! Critics