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Maxo Kream and Tyler, the Creator Pile on the Flexes in ‘Big Persona’

If you thought Tyler, the Creator exhausted all his best flexes on his luxuriating sixth album, Call Me If You Get Lost, have we got a treat for you. The rapper linked up with rising Houston star Maxo Kream for “Big Persona,” the latest single off Maxo’s upcoming album Weight of the World, out in October, and the song is perfect rap one-upmanship. “Big shit, big money, big cars, big jewels, big yard, big n- - - -s, big talk,” Tyler lists in the hook, over cinematic horns that sound like a Call Me outtake. Hearing Tyler show off his Grammy and fancy cars is good fun, but the song is still Maxo’s show. He compares his trap hustle to Barack Obama and Berry Crocker before calling himself an “eight-figure n- - - -, no more section 8” and bragging about kicking back lakeside with his mom. All with a parking lot music video full of nice cars and burnt rubber to top it off. Maxo and Tyler said it themselves: This is big shit.

Maxo Kream’s Tyler, the Creator Collab Is Straight Flexes