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Netflix Is Bringing Sexy (Beasts) Back for Season Two

The Chipettes look like sh*t. Photo: Netflix

Why is Sexy Beasts? Why did Netflix need a masked dating show when it already had a blind dating show? And why couldn’t it have gone for fun costumes, like on The Masked Singer? Why, instead, did it have to dress people up like haunted animatronics that would have made the Five Nights at Freddy’s monsters go, “No, no, no, too scary”? Why is this show supposed to have a message about not judging books by their covers and beauty being skin-deep, but all of its participants are clearly traditionally attractive underneath? What sort of a Shallow Hal system of ethics is that?

And why is it renewed for season two?

Netflix announced today that the second season of Sexy Beasts will debut on October 7, and with the news came some promotional stills of new horrors, including a rabbit, a zombie with a brain coming out of its head, and the roadkill pictured above. If you want to watch horny humanoid animals on Netflix, might we suggest Beastars instead?

Netflix Is Bringing Sexy (Beasts) Back for Season Two