The Price Is Right on the New Showtime and Paramount+ Bundle, But It Won’t Last

Illustration: Martin Gee

As the streaming wars rage on, one must be prepared for alliances to form. The Disney bundle already has a leg up with three services in one, but now, ViacomCBS is entering the field with its own alliance/bundle: Paramount+ and Showtime.

Launched today, the new Paramount+ and Showtime bundle is available to purchase through either streaming service and ranges between $9.99 to $12.99 a month — depending on which Paramount+ subscription you choose to tack onto the bundle. If you want Showtime and the Paramount+ Essential Plan (a.k.a. the one with ads), you’ll pay $9.99 per month, but if you want an ad-free Paramount+ experience, you’ll choose the Showtime and Paramount+ Premium Plan for $12.99 a month. Considering how, as of now, Showtime on its own is currently $10.99 and Paramount+ on its own is, at least, $4.99, getting both services for less than the price of one is extremely enticing. Even the Showtime and Paramount+ Premium Plan bundle is cheaper at $12.99 than having both Showtime and Paramount+ separately. Keep those savings coming!

Don't have Paramount+?

Still with us? Well, buckle up, because there’s a bit of a catch with the bundle. While the Showtime and Paramount+ bundle looks like it’s here to stay, the current price offerings of the bundle are only “special introductory prices” available for a limited time. A Paramount+ representative clarified to us that the current price offerings will be available until October 20; those who subscribe to the Paramount+ and Showtime bundle before October 20 will be locked into the introductory prices — $9.99 or $12.99 — for as long as they stay subscribed to the deal, so don’t cancel unless you really have to. It’s a bit of a weird catch, so if you’re thinking of getting in on the Showtime and Paramount+ bundle, we’d suggest sooner than later.

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